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A Little In Love Review



My first read of 2016: What a great book to kick off the year with.

A Little in Love is a YA retelling of Eponine’s story from Les Mis written by Susan Fletcher. Now I’ll admit I’ve never read Victor Hugo’s Les Mis so I cannot vouch for how true it is to the original however according to other reviews I’ve read it seems to be that Susan Fletcher remains integral to the plot without her story being a complete transcript.

The premise of this story is what caused me to pick this book up, I’ve seen both the film and west-end musical of Les Mis and while I adored both of these I’ve always felt that the character of Eponine was never explored as much as she could have been. Boy does this book fill that gap!

The book is divided into six parts that follow Eponine from her horrendous childhood to her tragic ending. The chapters are quite short and very easy to get through, I read this book within two days, The story is gripping and Susan Fletcher’s writing style is just beautiful.  Her narrative is deliciously descriptive which really transports you into Eponine’s world.

After reading this book I have so much more respect for the character of Eponine then I ever had before, Fletcher writes her as a beautifully complex teenager who is much brighter than people see her as.

Reading Eponine’s story left me feeling hopeful and haunted. It’s a story that will stay with me.

Physical Book: Beautiful! The red edged pages are stunning. The cover is haunting.

Favourite Quote? Love. It’s almost the smallest word I know…But It’s not a small feeling.

Star Rating. 5/5 stars.



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