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Hamilton Book Tag

Hello Again!

Today I decided to do a book tag that I’ve seen floating around lately. I originally saw this tag on BangadyBangz channel!  This tag looked like a lot of fun and due to my recent obsession with listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, I thought this tag was perfect! If you haven’t listened to the soundtrack I highly recommend you do so!! Soon!

I will try to keep this as spoiler free as I can so read with caution.


Here we go:

The Room Where It Happens: A Book World You Would Put Yourself Into 

I’m sorry I hate to start with the obvious and be totally unoriginal, but given the choice, the wizarding world is without a doubt where I’m  disapparating to.


The Schuyler Sisters: An Underrated Female Character


This could be controversial but I’m going to go with Samantha Sweeting from The Undomestic Goddess. I took me a while to think of this but I think that Samantha’s character is underrated because during the course of book she changes careers from one of the top lawyers to housekeeper and I think in a time where feminism so huge its a good story to show that you can still be just as strong and independent in a job that someone may not perceive this as. She also does a lot of bad-ass things throughout the course of the story but I don’t want to spoil anything!

Burn: The Most Heart-Breaking End To A Relationship You’ve Read


Isla and Josh! I was so invested in their love story! It’s still one of my favourites, so well written and beautiful.

images (5)

You’ll Be Back: A Book You Will Plan To Re-Read

(Side note: this category is usually the sassiest villain but I don’t really read books with villains so I changed it)


Now there are loads of books that I could re-read but for this, I’m going to go with The Art Of Being Normal, this book was brilliant. I read it in one day, the story is so gripping and fast-paced. I feel like it’s also very relevant to today’s teens as the book deals with the topic of being transgender, I found it educational in some ways as well. Well worth a read, and a book I may read again soon.

The Reynolds Pamphlet: A Book With A Plot Twist That You Didn’t See Coming

For this, I’m choosing the twist in If I Stay! This is another book that I read within a day, I genuinely could not put this book down, I remember thinking it was slow and boring and then the twist happened and I was hooked! This is a story that stays with you. I’m not a fan of the sequel though, I feel its best as a stand-alone.

Non Stop: A Series You Marathoned

The only answer I can give to this is The Harry Potter Series, I got into these books later than most so all the books had actually been released by the time I picked them up. I remember it was actually my pen pals were staying over and begged me to borrow their copy of the philosophers stone and try the first chapter. Reluctantly I agreed but by the end of their stay, I had finished the book and already bought the second one. So grateful they introduced me to this magical world. Thanks, guys. 😉


Satisfied: Favourite Book With Multiple POV’S


No Child Of Mine by Susan Lewis… Warning this book is ADULT fiction not for young readers and deals with the subject of child abuse/rape and is graphic in places so please please be aware of that before reading this book. However, it is such a brilliant read. Haunting.

Who Lived Who Dies Who Tells Your Story: A Book Slash Series You Feel Will Be Remembered Throughout History

Do I even have to say it…


Stay Alive: A Character Who You Wish Was Still Alive

A.J Fikry. His death broke my heart, I will always cry when I read this book.

images (3)

That’s the end of the tag I’m following but I’ve decided to add my own category.

Wait For It: A Book Release You’re Excited About

I’m really looking forward to Carrie Hope Fletcher’s’ first fiction novel On The Other Side being released, the premise sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to read it


Thanks so much for reading guys! Please like and comment telling me your answers or if you agree with me!! Feel free to share it also. It’s much appreciated.



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