British Soap Awards- Reaction

Hello Again!

So I thought I’d try something different. I love watching soaps and the soap awards are actually one of the only awards shows I watch and so I thought I’d do a bit of a reaction post.


Also as I only watch Emmerdale and Coronation Street, these are the nominations I will be commenting on.

Scene Of The Year:

The nominations for this were:

Val’s Death – Emmerdale

Callams Death- Coronation Street

And the winner was: Vals Death, I was really pleased that this scene won, I thought this death was really unique and fitting for the character of Val and I think it was the most deserved winner.

Villain Of The Year:

keeping mum maggie smith
I have been waiting to use this gif for so long!!!


Connor McIntyre (AKA Pat Phelan)- Coronation Street.

Ryan Hawley (AKA Robert Sugden)- Emmerdale.

And the winner was Connor McIntyre,  This came as no surprise to me, I love Robert but his character isn’t all that bad whereas there was absolutely no redeeming qualities about Pat Phelan he was pure evil and fantastically portrayed by Connor. Well Done to him.

Best Newcomer:


Isobel Steele (AKA Liv) – Emmerdale.

Shayne Ward (AKA Aidan)- Coronation Street.

The winner was Bonnie Lanford from Eastenders now I don’t watch this so I can’t say she didn’t deserve it, I had voted for Shane Ward because I was genuinely surprised by his character, He’s had a lot of big storylines this year and I think he did an excellent job.

Best Male Dramatic Performance:

download (1)


Jack P Shephard (AKA David)- Coronation Street.

Danny Miller (AKA Aaron) – Emmerdale

Danny Miller won and there was no doubt in my mind that he would. I voted for Danny because his performances have been incredible this year, and he’s been involved in a lot of dark and horrible storylines that are tough to do but he did an amazing job.

Best Comedy Performance:



Matt Wolf (AKA David) – Emmerdale

Patty Clare (AKA Mary) – Coronation Street.

Patty Clare won, now honestly I was a bit surprised, I do like Patty but I think her humour is very dry and awkward ( as in the character doesn’t realize she’s being funny) and I just didn’t realize that she was that loved. I did expect to go to the nominee from Hollyoaks.

Best Female Dramatic Performance:


Charlotte Bellamy (AKA Laurel)- Emmerdale

Tina O Brien ) (AKA Sarah) – Coronation Street.

Lacey Turner from Eastenders won this award and to be honest I wasn’t surprised. I couldn’t call this one at all and judging by the VT every actress up for this award had very tough storylines and I think they were all excellent.

Best Young Performance:


Amelia Flanagan (AKA April)- Emmerdale.

Elle Mulvaney (AKA Amy)- Coronation Street.

Now this award went to the nomination from Hollyoakes again I don’t watch this show so I can’t say if it did or didn’t go to the best candidate, I do think this is the toughest award to call because your dealing with younger actors/actress and I always feel awful voting for one over another but I was rooting for Elle because I think she plays the character so well and she’s also very funny.  However, I was delighted for the girl who won because you could see how much that award meant to her.

Best Storyline:


Aarons Abuse – Emmerdale

Callums’ Reign Of Terror- Coronation Street

This award went to Eastenders for Stacey’s storyline I was a bit shocked I had hoped that Aarons abuse would win.

Best On-Screen Partnership:


Sally and Tim- Coronation Street

Aaron and Robert – Emmerdale.

The award went to Sally and Tim, I was surprised I did think it would go to Aaron and Robert but I was absolutely over the moon for Sally and Tim, They are one of my absolutely favourite soap couples!

images (1).jpg

Best Single Episode:


Live Episode of Emmerdale.

Live Episode of Coronation Street.

The award went to Doctors which I didn’t expect and judging by the shock on everyone faces so did they! I was pleased for them because you could see that award meant a lot to them.


Best Actor:


Jack P Shephard (AKA David)- Coronation Street

Danny Miller (AKA Aaron)- Emmerdale

Danny Miller picked up this award again I totally saw this coming, no shock at all. So happy for him!!

The Tony Warren Award:

This is a new award to thank the people who work behind the scenes which I think is a brilliant idea! The award was given to James Bain who unfortunately has passed away so his wife collected the award on his behalf and gave a lovely speech about how proud he would be of the award, and that he was truly proud of his contributions to soap.

Best Actress:


Alison King (AKA Carla) – Coronation Street

Lucy Pargeter (AKA Chas) – Emmerdale

Even though I voted for Lucy I’m not surprised that the award went to Lacey Turner from Eastenders and judging on the VT they played the award was well deserved.

Best British Soap!

Nominations were:


Coronation Street




And the winner is: EMMERDALE!!!!!



I was shocked, this award always goes to Eastenders, in fact, it’s the first time in 18 years that Emmerdale has won and I am so pleased! I did vote for Emmerdale but I didn’t expect them to win. I genuinely jumped off the couch I was so excited.  As John Middleton said “The Dales are delighted” and so they should be!! So So deserved!!!

Big shout out to my friend Sarah for helping me take notes!

images (2)

And that’s it, I hope you enjoyed this as I know its a bit different to my usual posts, Please let me know what you think.

Thank You.



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