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Summer Adventures #1- A Day in Dursey

Hello Again!

So myself and Mum decided to take a day trip to Dursey, this is an Island in West Cork that you need to take a cable car to get to…or the ferry goes over twice a year, but the cable car is more fun! (Though not if your afraid of heights)


The cable car was only €8 each for a return trip, its old and rickety but the bumps are normal ..according to the signs anyways xD, It also moves really slowly so it’s not too bad. Though you are suspended over the sea and as the kid next to me helpfully pointed out .. If we fall we would drown and die .. Thanks!

It’s not so bad and the cable car is closing next week for maintenance so if you are taking a trip there soon it should be totally up to scratch!

Once we reached the other side of the cable car, we were greeted by a lovely lovely man called Johnny who informed us that we could walk around the island or he would drive us along, the walk isn’t long only about 40 mins each way but we chose to have Johnny drive us, which I think is the much better option as he talked us through the history and fun facts about the Islands.

Even Bweeng didn’t have a bus stop!
Apparently walking into this cave brings good luck.

For example, the Island is made up of three villages and only has two full-time residents! (Imagine!!) It has no shops, restaurants or anything so the two residents are self-sufficient. It was very interesting to hear about this Island and see the sights which is something I’m not usually into. Also, Johnny is more than happy to stop as many times as you like so that you can take photos and explore sights. Apparently, its one of the best sights in Ireland to go bird watching as well so if you’re into that give this place a go.

After this, we joined the queue for the return trip back only to find out that the guy who operated the cable car on the other side had decided to go home as his shift was over and so we had to wait until the next guy came to work, which wasn’t long to be fair.  Once we were back I treated us to a bag of chips from the chipper van which were lovely and then we headed back home.

I really did enjoy my trip to Dursey it was a nice relaxing day out and I think it’s worth seeing if you are around cork or visiting, though bring layers! Myself and mum were frozen from the wind while waiting for our return trip.

Also once on Dursey Island there is nowhere to get food except for Johnny’s cart that sells tea coffee and a small assortment of chocolate bars so bring some if you plan on spending a good amount of time there.

Thanks so much for reading,

Let me know if there’s anywhere you would recommend for another summer adventure.




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