Reasons Why I’m An Old Woman

Hello Again!

So it’s not uncommon for someone to refer to me as a Nana or Granny and to be honest they’re right and today I thought I’d share why:

I am the proud owner of a cable knit throw!

Yes, last year while on a day trip to Dublin I nearly made my friend miss her train as I was so determined to purchase a brand new cable knit throw for the bargain price of €9 I also bought it in a lovely cream shade so that it would match everything.

I use a hot-water bottle .. almost daily.

I just always seem to be cold okay?!


Tea is my number one beverage of choice.

Tea is perfect for every occasion and mood!  Wake up- Have a cup of tea, Feeling sad?- Have a cup of tea, Tired?- Have a cup of tea, Celebrating? I’ll put the kettle on!


To go with this, I also have quite a large Mug Collection!

I once went to Manchester for 3 days and came home with 4 mugs! In fact, I may do a separate blog post on all my mugs.

I’m usually complaining of some sort of ache.

Back, Tooth, Head there’s always something wrong with me.

Modern dating eludes me!

Anyone who knows me will already be familiar with my rant on this topic, I don’t get all these different stages that exist, ( “We’re just meeting/shifting” “Well we’re going out but like we’re not official” “We’re just not labeling it you know?”) No, no I don’t I find it too confusing. I also want a more romantic story to tell people then: Once upon a time, we both swiped right!


I will sit down every night religiously to watch my soaps (Emmerdale and Corrie)

And if I chose to go out with you and miss them… it’s only because you can now watch them online 😉


I also enjoy show such as the great British bake off or any of Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows


I’m usually in bed by like 11


I find clubs … way too loud!

I don’t understand? You can’t hear each other and you spend most of the night trying to find the friends you lost among the crowd!


On Wednesday nights I go to Bingo

images (1)

I really enjoy old sayings:

A watched pot never boils, curiosity killed the catch. My personal favourite is “It’s a small world… I wouldn’t want to hoover it though!”

And finally…

I have a tin in my room that I fill with jellies or chocolates for when my friends come over.


And that’s it… I think I’m sure my friends could list off more reasons but that’s all I can think of for now!

Hope you enjoyed it, Thanks for reading!



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