Reasons Why I’m An Old Woman

Hello Again!

So it’s not uncommon for someone to refer to me as a Nana or Granny and too be honest they’re right and today I thought I’d share why:

I am the proud owner of a cable knit throw!

Yes last year while on a day trip to Dublin I nearly made my friend miss her train as I was so determined to purchase a brand new cable knit throw for the bargain price of €9 I also bought it in a lovely cream shade so that it would match everything.

I use a hot-water bottle .. almost daily.

I just always seem to be cold okay?!


Tea is my number one beverage of choice.

Tea is perfect for every occasion and mood!  Wake up- Have a cup of tea, Feeling sad?- Have a cup of tea, Tired?- Have a cup of tea, Celebrating? I’ll put the kettle on!


To go with this, I also have quite a large Mug Collection!

I once went to Manchester for 3 days and came home with 4 mugs! In fact I may do a separate blog post on all my mugs.

I’m usually complaining of some sort of ache.

Back, Tooth , Head there’s always something wrong with me.

Modern dating eludes me!

Anyone who knows me will already be familiar with my rant on this topic, I don’t get all these different stages that exist, ( “We’re just meeting/shifting” “Well we’re going out but like we’re not official” “We’re just not labeling it you know?”) No, no I don’t I find it too confusing. I also want a more romantic story to tell people then : Once upon a time we both swiped right!


I will sit down every night religiously to watch my soaps (Emmerdale and Corrie)

And if I chose to go out with you and miss them… its only because you can now watch them online 😉


I also enjoy show such as the great British bake off or any of Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows


I’m usually in bed by like 11


I find clubs … way to loud!

I don’t understand? You can’t here each other and you spend most of the night trying to find the friends you lost among the crowd!


On Wednesday nights I go to Bingo

images (1)

I really enjoy old sayings:

A watched pot never boils, curiosity killed the catch. My personal favourite is “It’s a small world… I wouldn’t want to hoover it though!”

And finally..

I have a tin in my room that I fill with jellies or chocolates for when my friends come over.


And that’s it.. I think, I’m sure my friends could list off more reasons but that’s all I can think of for now!

Hope you enjoyed it, Thanks for reading!



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