An Open Letter To The World

Hello Again!

Today I want to talk to you about Hate. This a topic that has been playing on my mind a lot since the recent shootings in Orlando, I don’t understand how someone could knowingly pick up a gun and walk into a club with the intention of taking innocent peoples lives! Pulse nightclub was probably a safe haven and a place of empowerment for those who were in there that night, This shooting was an act of hate no matter how you choose to spin it!

But I’m not just talking about this big horrific act, I’m also talking about the acts of hate that people consider to be victim-less. There is no such thing!!!!!!

Recently a lot of the YouTubers I watch have been posting videos discussing some of the horrific things that have happened to them. The SACCONEJOLYs discussed the fact that they had to move house a few times because an internet forum posted their address and they started to receive a lot of threats to their children and themselves! That is barbaric. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home! Everyone deserves to feel safe EVERYWHERE. Can you imagine how scared you would be if you received threats against your children, The thought makes me sick.  If you don’t like watching their videos and you don’t agree with everything they say, THAT’S FINE STOP WATCHING THEM THEN…don’t post hurtful comments or Johnathan said that at one point someone reported them to social services, you have no right to do that unless you seriously believe a child is in danger not because you want to mess with them! There are children in this world who really need the help of social services so don’t waste their time as a joke!

Carrie Hope Fletcher also posted a video discussing the things that have happened to her at stage door involving shouting, trying to kiss her, following her home. THAT IS NOT OKAY. When you buy a ticket to see a show the performers are expected to perform in that show to the absolute best that they can and that is it! They don’t owe you anything else! They do not have to go to the stage door and chat with you or take pictures or sign autographs but most of them do because they appreciate that you came to see them and appreciate your support but that doesn’t then give you the right to give out about them if they don’t do that stuff. Performers also have lives, they have homes to get to, sometimes they don’t feel well and they just don’t feel up to seeing people and you don’t get to decide that that isn’t okay!

Also if you are trying to meet someone you’re a fan of that also means you respect the other people waiting, Don’t skip lines or start fights with other or any other thing that could be hurtful, You’re all there for the same reason because you all share the same interests why not celebrate that instead!

If you read someone’s comment or post online; that’s their opinion, most of the time and if you disagree; you can totally say that because that’s what good discussions and debates are all about but you do it respectfully, you don’t post hurtful or hateful comments at all!

The internet can be used for so many positive things! It can help families and friends from different countries keep in touch with each other. It gives people an outlet to share there opinions or problems. People can share their art/writing/music and these things should be appreciated and celebrated!

We are all so lucky to be alive. We all have different things and stresses going on in our lives but we don’t have the right to take this out on other people. So let’s start to spread positivity rather than hate! I’m going to try to do at least one positive thing a day from now on in the hopes of creating light in a world full of darkness. Also, I know that most people try to do this with their lives anyway so well done if you do!!

I hope people enjoyed reading this, it’s a bit different to my usual posts but it’s been something that’s been playing on my mind a lot and I thought I’d put it out there.

Thanks so much everyone,



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