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July Favourites

Hello Again!

This week I thought I’d come back to you with my favourites for July because I’ve realized that any of the series I started on this blog I have been rubbish at keeping up! So I’m going to try to keep at least this one going.  So here are the things that I’ve been enjoying this month!

Gaming Videos!

Somehow I’ve gotten really into watching gaming videos on YouTube, particularly the more scarier, zombie, war-style games which is something I never thought I’d be into. They way I’ve been describing it to people is that I get all the enjoyment of the game without the frustration of dying 1000 times because I’d probably be rubbish at them. Personally, my favourite Youtuber for these gaming series is ThatherJoeGames. Highly recommend you check him out.



This month I’ve found myself trawling through Pinterest board after Pinterest board, finding new baking recipes that I want to try out soon, even getting some DIY ideas and such. So far I’ve tried Homemade Marshmallows (Which were amazing!!!!) and Cotton Candy Cupcakes, I may post some recipes soon so keep an eye out.



I think I’ve actually managed to break out of my reading slump this month and I’ve started to put more time aside to read. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes was the book that got rid of my slump, I really liked this book, I think it had a really strong plot as well as characters with some super cute moments throughout. The movie of this book was also a great adaptation so I’d check that out too!


Finding Dory!

This was by far the best film I saw this month! Right from the Pixar short film at the start, I was hooked. I didn’t expect to enjoy the film as much as I did as Finding Nemo wouldn’t be my favourite film but I loved this sequel. The characters were so adorable both new and old and overall I think it was just a really heartwarming film! Everyone should go see this.

Baby Dory is aDORYble …hehe xD

And that’s all! So I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and thanks so much for reading!




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