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August Favourites!

Hello Again!

Today I’m going to be discussing some of the things I’ve been enjoying the most this month!

Watermelon Flavoured Sweets.

I think because it’s such a summery sort of flavour I’ve been reaching for it more and more this month, Skittles, Chewing gum, Jellies ..I love them!

Bingo Scratch Cards

I know, I know I’m super cool and trendy. Lately, my mum and I have started to pick one of these up every so often and she’ll scratch the numbers and I’ll mark them off, It’s quite fun, Try it 🙂

This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire.


I loved this book! It’s collection of many love letters that people have written in response to questions by Will Darbyshire, The book is divided into three sections the beginning (being crushes and first loves) the middle (Being boyfriends/girlfriends) and the end (being letters to ex-loves) and I just found it really interesting and touching. It was very personal and I thought the whole book was very well put together.  I would highly recommend picking up this book it was wonderful! The one downside is that the cover marks and wears quite easily but to look on the bright-side of this it gives the book character.


Now I know I mentioned this last month but it was my birthday in August and so I had a small few friends over for the day and I did loads of baking the day before and I just really enjoyed it! Before I used to find baking really stressful and it would usually go all wrong so I’m putting backing back in my favourites this month because I was so pleased everything turned out so well! (I promise I won’t put it in again xD)


Lush Dream Cream!

I honestly don’t know how this hasn’t gone into previous favourites! Last November my skin flared really badly, I was lumps bumps and cuts all over my body and I was in a lot of pain and I was also really self-conscious of myself. My skin was constantly itchy and painful but no matter how many times I went to the doctor no product that they gave me or that I bought worked! I even went to a dermatologist and it was a complete waste of time I was no better off after that visit! Then I saw online someone raving about how lush products cleared their skin so I thought I’d give it ago. I am so glad I did. The people in Lush couldn’t have been nicer they gave me loads of different samples until I found a product that suited me and that was the Dream Cream! My skin hasn’t completely cleared but it is 100 times better than it was and now I only have a few patches left of my legs instead of all over! Please Please, Please try this if you have skin troubles. I will never go back!



And that is all!

Thanks to everyone who reads/follows my blog I really appreciate it thank you!



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