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The Young Offenders Film Review.

Hello Again!

This week I’m going to be reviewing a film that came out recently in Ireland called The Young Offenders. I really enjoyed this film, I’ve already seen it twice and could easily go again. I’ve been waiting over a year to see this film as being from Cork myself I know quite a few of the actors/people involved in the production because of this I was actually a bit nervous seeing the film in case I didn’t like it but this wasn’t the case at all! I don’t usually go to Irish made films (Shameful as an Irish actor I know ) because I usually find them dull and badly produced, this film has definitely changed my perception of this. I thought the film was wonderfully produced, written, directed and acted and even though it wouldn’t be my usual sort of humour I did find my laugh echoing in the cinema around me.

The film takes place in Cork and is inspired by a true event in Ireland where a drug trafficking boat capsized off the coast of West Cork spilling bales worth 7 million each into the water. In this film, the character Jock hears this story and convinces his friend Connor to join him on an adventure to find one of these bales and move out of their family homes. Of course, it isn’t as simple as they had hoped. The boys find themselves in all sorts of bother along the way.


The characters of this story are very realistic and relatable. Everyone will be able to see someone they know in these characters and the relationships and dynamic between everyone is incredible. The film is hilariously funny but it also has some lovely touching/heart-breaking moments. At no point did I feel like the film was dragging or the scenes were just there for the sake of being a filler.

One thing I really like was that everything that seemed like an insignificant detail came back within the film. The writing is also very clever in the sense that all the little sub-plots within the film link up and fit together like a jigsaw piece perfectly, yet I never fully expected where the film was going which I think is a great thing.

I would recommend this film to anyone, in fact, I have been, my friends are probably sick of me telling them to go see it.

So well done to Alex, Chris, Hillary-Rose, Peter, Chloe, Tommy and Emma and to everyone else involved in creating a fantastic piece which I have no doubt will become an Irish Classic over time! Congratulations.

5/5 stars.

Thank You to everyone who reads this and let me know what you thought.




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