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September (TV) Favourites

Hello Again!!

So this week I sat down to write my list of September favourites and I’ve realized that the majority of things on my list were tv shows so this month I’m not going to bother telling you about my random faves and I’m just going to mention my favourite shows that I’ve been loving this month.

Here we go:

Jane The Virgin: 


This show really surprised me, myself and mum were stuck for something to watch and so we put this on expecting it to be a light comedy. (Bubblegum watching as I call it) but it was so much more than the title suggests. Never judge a book by it’s cover it seems the same goes for tv shows and their titles. Seriously we watched the entire first season within two days and I’m already dying for the second to come on Netflix!

Happy Valley:

This is another show that myself and mum binged watched within one sitting! Up until 3am mesmerized by this show. Let me tell you this valley is not happy at all… that’s all I can say without spoiling it but seriously give this show a go next time you’re on Netflix!


The Great British Bake Off:

Always a favourite of mine, even though there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the show within the last few weeks (lets not talk about it I’m still sad xD) I personally feel like this year is one of the bake-off strongest years between the weekly themes and the contestants I’m finding it hard to call a winner this year.  You can still watch this on BBC on Wednesday nights at 8 and you can see the old episodes on Youtube.

This speech broke my heart.

Strictly Come Dancing:


If I was a celebrity this is the one show I would agree to go on. I absolutely love watching this.  It’s been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember to learn how to ballroom dance etc and every year when I watch this show I say it again. We’re only in week two of this show so you can still catch it on BBC on Saturday nights.  Feel-Good Watching.

Emmerdale (Contains spoilers!):


Emmerdale stole the show for me in soapland this month with its super-secret plot-line of Holly’s death. This plot-line was a shock to everyone and perfectly executed, the acting was superb and I really think this story could swing them a few awards in the next few months. Well done Emmerdale! Completely blew me away.


And there all the shows that I’ve been loving this month let me know what you think of them or if you have any shows that you’d recommend please do.

Thanks for reading it’s always appreciated.



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