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Snap Happy !

Hello Again!

Today I want to tell you about a company that I recently discovered called Square Snaps…. First off though I just want to say that I have not been sponsored by this company in any way.

So a while ago my Nan bought me a camera for my birthday because at the time my phone also had no camera and I had a few different things coming up that I wanted to take pictures for and since then I’ve gotten really snap happy. Originally I had been thinking of getting a Polaroid camera but I thought the photo paper was quite expensive so I decided to buy a regular camera and find a company that would print my photos in the style of Polaroids.


It took me a while to find this company! At first, I was looking at photobox but I noticed they had quite a few bad reviews and a couple of my friends had used them before and weren’t happy with their products at all, so I kept searching! Then I found Square Snaps who had tons and tons of great reviews!! So I placed an order and Oh My God I am so pleased with them!!!!


They all came out just like I wanted them too! Such high-quality photos as well some pictures do look better than others but that’s down to whatever camera I was using at the time and some pictures are ones I took years ago that I took off Facebook so I knew they wouldn’t look as great as the ones taken on my new camera but I love them!

It was so easy to place an order and the prints arrived really quickly. I love the packaging, by the way, I think its so cute! If you plan to order prints I recommend you keep an eye out on their Facebook page as they sometimes have offers on for example I got 15% off of my order.  Overall when you convert from pounds to euro and take the shipping into account this order cost me 13 euro which I would happily pay again.

I’ve strung up my pictures in my bedroom and they make me so happy! I think they are adorable and really add to the room.

Square Snaps have got a customer for life here! I’m already planning on a way of displaying the festive prints I take this Christmas for next year!

That’s all I have to say for this week but I was too excited when I got these prints to not share the company with you!

Thanks for reading, If you like I would really appreciate it if you share it around. Also if you have any recommendations for the types of posts you’d like to see on this blog please do let me know!



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