Re-purposing My Jewellry Box

Hello Again!

So today I’m doing something a bit different and I’m just showing you how I re-purposed my jewellery box. Hopefully, someone will find it useful!

I have this really gorgeous  jewelry box that my dad bought me for Christmas about two or three years ago but I never ever use it because I don’t wear jewelry often and the pieces that I do wear I keep in an organizer in my wardrobe, I didn’t want to get rid of it so I made it into a stationary organizer/ arts and crafts box.

I simply removed all the jewellery and cleaned out the box. Then I pulled out the fabric in the area where you hold rings and cut that fabric to the size of the compartment and glued in back down so that it matched the rest of the box.

unnamed (1)

Also, the pattern of the box was peeling slightly on the drawers I tried to glue it back down but that didn’t really work so instead I used many tiny blu-tack dots to stick it back on. (If you have fancy materials like hot glue guns and such those would probably work too but I’m cheap and cheerful here xD)

Then I just placed all my different pencils and materials into different compartments.

In the top section from left to right, I put sharpies (Theatre essential), Eraser, Page savers (Is what I think they’re called), My bag of confetti, Regular pens and then my funky coloured pens.

In the first drawer, I put my colouring pencils and gel pens

And in the bottom drawer, I put some coloured cards, stickers, blu-tack, scissors and highlighters!

I’m so pleased with the way it turned out and I’m so glad that my beautiful box finally had a good purpose to it!

Thanks so for reading guys! I hope it was of some use to someone!



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