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Disney Haul! (Warning it’s mainly Christmas items!)

Hello Again!

So I don’t get to go to the Disney store often because I live in Cork and we don’t have one (Cries**) However the lucky people in Dublin do! So last week when myself and my mum took a trip to Dublin to see some family I took the opportunity to spend ALL of my money.

I did try to get there early for the magic opening ceremony, (Bless my mum for getting up super early with me) but we did miss it by about ten minutes, It didn’t matter though because I was just so excited to be there and see all the pretty things anyway this is what I bought:

This Christmas Jumper!

This jumper was €35.99 and without a doubt the most expensive jumper I own considering I buy all my clothes from charity shops and Pennys but I decided to treat myself as I will get my money worth by wearing it like every day in December.

This Christmas Throw!

Again a very practical item for me, every day without fail, regardless of weather, you will find me under a blanket with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea! So this will be used…A LOT .. also its so soft!! This was €24.99 which I actually think is a fair price, it’s huge.

This Mug!


To hold tea while I’m under my cosy throw…duh. Also, this mug was reduced to €10.90 when you spent €15 or more in-store. They had a few different designs and I went with the 101 dalmatians design because look how sleepy and cute they are and of course I had to buy the Christmas protective box to take it home in!


Now I didn’t buy this for me, a friend of mine asked me to pick one up if I saw him for her four-year-old son who is obsessed with my teddy of the beast. So now we have one each. This adorable guy was €32.99

That’s all I bought but I do know that my mum bought me some sneaky Christmas presents while we where there so I look forward to those.The Disney store is such a magical (and expensive) place and I can’t wait to go back. Also please please come to Cork Disney!

That’s all for this week, please let me know if you liked it and what sort of posts you would like to see in the coming weeks.

Thank You!



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