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A Quick Review Of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. (Spoiler Free)

Hello Again.

I wasn’t planning to put up a blog post this week as I’ve just been too busy with college to type something, However, I took a break from the essays today to take a trip the cinema with Dad and I wanted to tell you about it!

Now we were meant to see the film Sully however my brain decided that that film was called Arrival (It wasn’t) and we bought the complete wrong tickets. Then we learned that Sully actually isn’t out until December (Oops) and so we swapped the tickets for Fantastic Beasts instead.

This was a film that I knew I’d see eventually but I wasn’t necessarily rushing to the cinema for it because I’m always a bit wary of spin-offs however I have to say I really really enjoyed this film!

As soon as that iconic theme song started to play I felt a little buzz in my chest. This film had a surprisingly strong plot; which was something I wasn’t expecting and some brilliant characters. Queenie and Jacob are my new OTP <3. ¬†Personally, I loved learning about this period in the magical world and even though I couldn’t keep up with all the different creatures I think its fascinating to all these new creations.

This film was humorous, touching, tear-jerking and above all fantastic! I left the cinema absolutely buzzing so if it’s something you were humming and hawing about seeing I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

Thanks for reading guys and if you’ve seen the film let me know what you thought!



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