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Christmas Films You Might Not Have Seen

Hello Again!

Today I wanted to talk to you about my favourite Christmas films that you may not have seen. About two years ago myself and mum discovered that the TV channel true movies changes to true Christmas in November and every year since this discovery it is always on in our house which means I have discovered some really beautiful Christmas films that aren’t very well know and I wanted to share them with you.

The Christmas Shoes:


I mentioned this film in my Christmas Q and A, It’s such a heartwarming/heartbreaking story that follows many different characters over their holiday season and we get to see how all their stories relate and intertwine. The main plot is a little boy who is trying to save up some money to buy his mum a special present and that’s all I’ll say. Have tissues ready if you’re planning to watch this film.

Annie Claus Is Coming To Town:


This is a really fun lighthearted film. This film is about Santa’s daughter Annie taking her first ever trip away from the north pole so she can have so time to decide whether or not she wants to return and take over the family business.

The Christmas Blessing:


This is a sequel to The Christmas Shoes however you can see this without seeing the other as the stories are independent. Remember the little boy who was saving for his mums Christmas present well now he is all grown up and home for the holidays. That’s all I can say really. Really great film check it out.

Instant Message:


This is a bit of a Christmas comedy, Story follows two friends who have been pen pals for years and now finally have the chance to meet the only problem is they’ve both sent each other a picture of their best friends instead.

Mrs Miracle:


A Very festive heartwarming story of a man who hires Mrs Miracle as his nanny, nobody loves Christmas more than her and she’s determined to bring back the joy of Christmas to the Webster household.

A Recipe For A Perfect Christmas:


A food critic who cannot deal with her overbearing mother this festive seasons enlist the help of a chef who is desperate and willing to do anything for a review. Another lighthearted favourite.

There are probably a thousand more films that I didn’t mention but these are the ones that stand out for me. Let me know if you’ve seen them If you do track them down let me know what you thought of them and If you have any other underrated Christmas films that you would recommend let me know.

Thanks very much for reading.

Merry Christmas

LadySam xx



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