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Last Minute Gift DIY: The Christmas Eve Box.

Hello Again!

Today I wanted to tell you about a little tradition I have with myself on Christmas Eve but I also think that this would may a lovely gift for someone or as a treat for yourself plus its really quick to put together.

Coming up to Christmas I always start to pile a few pieces into a box for me to use on Christmas Eve. I just think it’s lovely to have a little gift that you can use on Christmas Eve, I always look forward to it. In my box I have:


-A new pyjama nightdress from Pennys (I always have new pjs for Christmas Eve)

-The Golden Wonder Bath Bomb from Lush (Just because it’s shaped like a present)

-The 12 Days Of Dash and Lily Book

-Some Cozy Socks (Thanks, Paul)

-And A Santa Mug with Cookies (Thanks to Sinéad my secret Santa)

So I’m all set for my cosy night in!

But what I love about this box idea is that you can customize this to suit anyone and everyone. You could put in different Christmas Films, Hot chocolate, Favourite Treats, A Board Game, Baking supplies etc. I just used an old shoe box but if you want to make it look more festive you can wrap the box in Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon etc.

This was just a quick blog post idea I had when I was getting my box ready today and I wanted to share it with everyone so I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas ❤



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