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Lush Sale Haul!

Hello Again, and Merry Christmas, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

I love watching and reading about everyone else’s Lush hauls but I only ever usually buy one or two things at a time when I’m in there, However since the sales were on I treated myself and decided I would take this opportunity to do a haul post since I probably won’t have another one until next years sales!

I got to the sales quite late, I think it was about three o clock so there wasn’t much left to choose from, I’ll definitely try to get there much earlier next year! In my local Lush all of the remaining Christmas stock and products that were being discontinued in the New Year were half price so this is what I got.

Avobath Bath Bomb


This is my favourite bath bomb and even though it wasn’t on sale I cou15782202_1381059681928767_982345246_nldn’t resist.  This was the first ever lush product I tried and it’s been a firm favourite ever since. This was €4.50

So White Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is adorable it’s shaped like an apple and has a really fresh crisp apple scent. On sale for €2.48

Magic Wand Bubble Bar


This is the reusable bubble bar that has the snow fairy scent, it’s not my favourite scent it’s a little bit too sickly sweet for me but I was really keen to try some of their bubble products and it was half price at €3.98

The Comforter Bubble Bar


This wasn’t on sale but like I said above I’ve been keen to try the bubble products and I thought it would be good to see the difference between the bars that you crumble like this one or the reusable ones like the wand.  I really liked the scent of this is like a mixed berry. This was the priciest product at €6.95

Butterbear Bath Bomb


I managed to pick up the very last little bear which I was really excited about because apparently, this bath bomb is full of shea and cocoa butter which I can’t wait to try out as my skin isn’t great and I think this will really help.  This little guy was only €1.48 so it’s no wonder he went quick!

That’s all I got but I was really impressed by their sales I’ll be going back in next year without a doubt, hopefully, I can get their earlier too for even more choice!


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