My New Years Resolutions…Which I have already failed.

Hello, Again, and Happy New Year!

Today I’m going to talk about my new year’s resolutions, unfortunately, I’ve already failed most of mine but hey who says they have to start bang on the 1st of January, Tomorrows another day, right?

I always only make a small few resolutions so as not to bog myself down, Last year I gave myself three; Get Fit, which I did (despite letting things slide towards the end of the year) Start a book blog (Which I did, and discovered I enjoyed writing about more than just books) and to audition for everything, this one I struggled a bit with but eventually I overcame my confidence issues and it’s given me some fantastic opportunities.

This year I’ve given myself three more!

Do more yoga/exercise more.15909982_1388150411219694_434090882_n

As I said I let this slide towards the end of last year and so I want to try and keep myself fit by doing more exercise but I’m not going to pin myself to doing it every day.  Ideally, I would like to gain a flatter more toned stomach so that’s the real goal.

Keep Writing.


Last year, by starting this blog it made me see how much I enjoy writing and I also started a script writing module in college and so this year I want to try to write more regularly throughout the year.

Put myself out there.


My final resolution is to put myself out there more. I just feel like I tend close myself up at times, and put myself down when it comes to job opportunities and relationships especially and rather than taking a risk and putting myself out there I decide it’s not worth it and build a wall of protection, this is something I want to work on a lot this year.


These are my main resolution for the year and I’m hoping to complete them all, Last year I pinned them up on my bedroom mirror which I think really help, seeing them so often and keeping them in my mind, so this year I’ve done the same. I have some smaller goals for myself for the year just little things like not taking any more rubbish from people and making more time for me; even having one pamper night a month.

Fingers Crossed!

Thanks so much for reading, let me know your resolutions and I’ll be posting again soon hopefully.



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