Zoella On My Travels Backpack: Review.

Hello Again!

I’m sure a lot of people are aware that Zoe Sugg aka Zoella brought out a lifestyle collection at the end of last year. A few days ago I decided to purchase her On my travels backpack. I wasn’t planning to review it or anything and this is in no way sponsored, trust me I sure Zoe manages to sell her products just fine without an endorsement from this small time blogger. I just fell so in love with the bag that I had to have a fan rant about it.

I have been looking for a nice backpack for a while now and the reason I didn’t purchase Zoe’s before is because I wasn’t sure how secure the bag would be as there’s no popper just a drawstring, then I remembered I actually hate poppers, there fussy and fiddly and I find there forever popping open as I walk. I thought with this bag the drawstrings might loosen as I walked around but they stayed so secure all day even without knotting them or anything.dscf0640h

Another thing I noticed while using this is that the bag only has one think strap either side as opposed to the usual two thin ones I usually see on backpacks. I much prefer the one thick strap as I was forever getting tangled when I used bags with the two.  Also, the way you tighten the straps is genius; its the same as how you would tie a belt. I love that so simple to manage.

The bag is super lightweight and so soft. It’s gotta a peach lining which seems waterproof to me though I’m not 100 percent sure on that.  One thing I absolutely love is that this bag is big enough to fit my laptop inside (I own a standard size laptop. ) Also, it’s a really classy looking backpack, as in you wouldn’t assume its merch or anything.

The bag also came with three other Zoella Lifestyle Products; Her key to inspire, keyring a really cute high-quality keyring which can also be used as a bag charm. Her, write on pointpencil set, which is a set of pencils in different shades of peach and each of them has different send offs printed on them (Best wishes, etc). And finally, her topped with cream and sprinkles travel mug. I love this mug it’s got this marble pattern on it and I always thought from the pictures that the lid was just rubber but it is actually a hard plastic that screws on so it’s a really secure lid as well.

Overall I absolutely love this bag! I’d recommend it to anyone, in fact, I’m sorry I didn’t buy it myself sooner.

Thanks so much for reading everyone!



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