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Emmerdale Tour- 2017 Adventures

Hello Again!

So last week there was no blog post because I was busy exploring the dales and today I would like to tell you all about it!

So last Friday myself and my mum got up at the ridiculous time of 2 am and set off for Emmerdale. We were part of a bus tour so we were collected in the city and then driven all the way up to Dublin where we got on a ferry, I slept through all of this travelling so I have nothing interesting to report about this xD. After the ferry, we got back on the bus and were driven all the way to the Trafford Centre, which is the 4th largest shopping centre in the world. (The car park holds 10,000). The shopping centre is amazing it’s all marble inside and the food court looks like an actual cruise ship.  I did buy a few things inside there but I’m planning to do a haul on a separate blog post next week.  For food, we went to a place called The Five Guys, which was lovely but very overpriced I thought.

After shopping we were driven to our hotel, we stayed in a place called Bolton Whites Hotel which was a really lovely quirky hotel, it surrounded a stadium and you can actually stay in a room with a pitchside view there.  Our room had a view of the hotel corridors how weird is that?!

The next day we were picked up again by the same couch driver, Greg (Lovely guy) and he drove us to a place called Esholt, along with the most Yorkshire tour guide ever a man called Ken. Now Esholt is the village were Emmerdale farm was first filmed and so we got to have a drink in the original Woolpack and wander around the village, they actually went back here to film some scenes for Ashley’s special dementia episode. I enjoyed this but I did feel a bit intrusive being there because people still live and work in this village today, imagine how annoying it must be to have busloads of tourists just taking pictures of your house every day. However super pretty village!

After this, we went to Ottley,  which is Hotten to us Emmerdale fans. We spent a little bit of time shoppingdscf0685 there and we found the street where Ashley went wandering during his special dementia episode. We also found a cafe while we were there which I’ve annoyingly forgotten the name of and they made the best crumpets I’ve ever had!

Finally, after a quick drive around Leeds, we arrived at the Emmerdale Studio Tour. Now I’ve also done the Coronation Street tour a few years ago so I will probably be making some comparisons between the tour. What I will say is that the Emmerdale tour was fantastic, it was much more interactive than the Coronation Street tour.

The tour followed the exact process of how an episode is created. We started off in the storyboard room and moved through costume and makeup areas and then on two different sets and stuff. We got the opportunity to experience the lighting side of things as well as editing and there was even the chance to film you’re own scene in Rhona’s house. I loved how interactive it was, however, they did really simplify the process of how these things work and I just wished our tour guide had said that because being someone who is involved in theatre and film I know these things are more complicated and didn’t like the thought of people leaving the tour thinking that this industry is really easy to work in because it does take a lot of time and work to put together a film/show/episode etc, However the tour itself was very good and interesting. The gift shop was a massive disappointment, to be honest, now I said this to one of the sellers there and they told me that they are having issues with the branding so hopefully when that gets sorted the gift shop will pick up a bit more. Another few comparisons is that I think Coronation street had more chilled out and realistic tour guides, whereas you could tell the Emmerdale tour guides were following a script, and it would have been nice to see the outdoor sets as well like when we were in Corrie we walked down the cobbles and I just think it adds a bit of magic.

And that’s it! We went home the next day and stopped off in some place in wales with literally the longest place name in the world ! and then we were back on the ferry, this time I managed to stay awake and can I just say Ferries are amazing! I would much rather travel by ferry than by plane any day. And then eventually after more bus journeys, we arrived back home, where I am literally just now recovering from lack of sleep!

Thanks very much for reading, Next week I’ll be posting a haul of what I got while I was over there.



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