Catch Up.

Hello Again!

I started to write a few different blog posts and then I realized that I haven’t posted in so long, no one probably remembers who I am at this stage so I thought I’d write a little bit of a life catch up before we get back to the regular blog posts because the last time I posted was in February!

I spent so long in here during the production it was deemed my office.

February:  At the end of February I was working as a production manager for our college production of American Idiot which was incredibly stressful (probably why I stopped posting!) but also such a good experience and fun as well. The show was amazing, everyone loved it and I got the opportunity to work with some amazing people.






March:  In March the majority of my time was taken up by rehearsing for our third-year college play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” I loved this play so much, it was such a fun production to work on. This play was my first time acting in maybe two or three years and I’d forgotten just how much I enjoyed acting!

I also went to see the live action Beauty and the Beast this month and oh my god I loved it!! I’ll probably write a full review on this so keep an eye out for that. This movie completely re-ignited my obsession with beauty and the beast again (Not that it ever left to be honest), I’ve become obsessed, I’ve bought the new books and I’ve even started collecting the new sticker album.

April: Although we’re not very far into April something AMAZING has happened already. This year in August I’ll turn 21 and myself and my mum have decided to mark the occasion by booking a holiday to DISNEYLAND!! words cannot even describe how excited I am, I’ve spent the last few days since we’ve booked it just researching and planning. So I would be prepared for lots of Disney posts in the coming months.

And now we’re all caught up! Hopefully, that wasn’t too boring of a post and I’ll be back with the more regular style posts next week. As usual, let me know if there is anything, in particular, you would like me to write about.

Thanks For Reading!!!




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