Shop Talk

Hello Again!

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I’m not going to bore you with excuses blah blah new job blah blah writing other things blah blah blah! Anyways today I want to talk about shopping.

I have a love-hate relationship with shopping especially clothes shopping, I really need to be in the right mood for clothes shopping, I’ve often walked into Penny’s filled a basket to the brim, gone to the changing rooms, had a meltdown and left empty handed. The changing rooms are the enemies, you’re stuck inside these tiny rooms with mirrors at every angle and the most unflattering lighting ever. It’s impossible to take photos in there don’t even try xD


Shopping can honestly be such a disheartening experience and yes I realise this is such a first world problem but I remember when I was younger how upset I’d be if I didn’t fit into a size 8 or 10, all my friends were so why wasn’t I? At the time I wasn’t taking into account that my boobs were getting bigger and so my tops becoming tighter was bound to happen but that didn’t matter to me. I invested all my self-worth into a number. I’m not even sure why.

The other day I went into Penny’s to pick up some pieces for my upcoming Disney trip and some of the bits I like they didn’t have in my size so I grabbed some smaller ones just to get an idea of the outfits together and such. Now I’m a size 12 (In general) I say in general because sometimes it depends on the materials etc, for example, yesterday I tried on:

A blue dress in a size 12 that didn’t fit me at all the material was stiff and I looked stuffed into the dress.

A red top in a size 10 that was too small which I expected but mostly just on my arms

A purple top in a size 8 there’s no way I expected it fit into this but I wanted to see the colour against a pair of jeans I was trying on but shockingly it fit!! Not perfectly I’ll give you that but enough that I was comfortable and happy enough to buy it.

Women’s sizes are bizarre that blue dress that should have fitted me perfectly I’d say I would have needed in a size 14 or maybe 16 to feel comfortable in it and yet a top that really shouldn’t have stretched over my boobs is the one that I ended up buying.  The trip just got me thinking about how thrilled that that would have made my younger self-be and how I probably would have cried over the blue dress.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make amongst all my rambling is, don’t invest all yourself worth into achieving a perfect number because it seems to me that size can depend on the cut, material or even the shop you buy something from. Next time you’re trying on something just ask yourself this: Do I feel comfortable in this? Will I be happy to wear this in public? Do I love it?  If you do then why should it matter if the tag says 8 or 18? Once you feel happy and healthy and confident that’s all that matters. That’s recently they way I’ve started to shop I use the size a guide for what to take into the changing room but now I don’t feel upset with myself when I have to put the size 12 back on the hanger and buy the size 14 instead. Who cares?


This is just something that’s been playing on my mind lately and I thought I’d throw it out there see what other people think.

Thanks so much for reading.




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