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Planning the Magic: How I’ve planned for my Disneyland trip !

Hello Again!

I am so excited about writing this post! I think I’ve mentioned this in another blog post but I am going to Disneyland Paris! This is a birthday present to myself and I cannot wait, I’ve never ever been to Disneyland Paris before, I have been to Disney World in Florida before but I was little and don’t fully remember it.  So because I’ve never been before I have gone a little bit overboard with the planning but I don’t want to waste any time deciding what we’re doing, deciding when and we are going, no, and I just wanted to share with everyone how I’ve been planning for this trip.

Bit of a disclaimer- Like I’ve said I’ve never been before and so I can’t say for sure that all this planning was worth it or even relevant but nonetheless I’ve had a lot of fun and I feel organized going over.


Everyone I know thinks I’m made but I love my binder. Granted it looks a bit tatty, honestly, I threw it together in like 10 minutes all I did was take a black folder I already had, stuck some red card onto it and then cut out two small white circles and a Mickey head outline and stuck them on too. Inside I’ve filled it with everything and anything, the documents my travel agent sends me, Menus I printed off of the restaurants over there, to do list etc, Some of these I made myself or are just on plain old white paper but I also used some printable that others had made all of these were free you just have to look up free Disney printable on google and print off the ones that you think will suit you.

Join Disney Groups

I’ve joined a lot of Disney Facebook groups and honestly I think they are invaluable. There aren’t many based in Ireland (Or at least I didn’t find many) so most of the ones I joined were based in England but honestly so helpful regardless, people post their trip reports, tips and tricks , you can ask questions and get responses from the experts and a lot of people also do “Pixie Dust” on there and so you could end up picking up a few bits for your trip there too.


Watch Disney Vlogs/ Hauls/etc

There are thousands and thousands of videos available to watch on YouTube and I love/ have probably watched them all.  I think the vlogs are great for familiarizing yourself with the parks, the different rides, hotels and restaurants. I love seeing peoples meet and greet with characters too you can learn a lot of fun things to do and say with them to make your meet and greets more memorable.  I also really enjoy the hauls because they give me some idea what to expect there and what to expect to spend more importantly! I’ll give you a list of the YouTubers that I found most helpful if you want to check them out. I think I’ve managed to link those below so hopefully, you can just click on them and go straight to their channels, by the way, none of these YouTubers has asked to be on this list or anything I genuinely found them the most helpful

Mason Cooper

kellyhasadventures 2

Dedicated to DLP – Celebrating Disneyland Paris 2

Grace Disneycollectorx

Another great thing about watching all these videos is that they make me so excited every single time for my own trip!

Make A Countdown.

I made a really simple countdown for the trip, all I did was write down the name of every single Disney film that I own and placed them into an old jar that was once a candle, I also colour coded mine so I used Blue for the cozy daytime films, some of the older, shorter ones like Bambi, Pinocchio, Dumbo etc, Green was Christmas themed ones; A merry Pooh year,  Belles enchanted Christmas, etc. and then the rest in were in purple, The little mermaid, up and so on, and the idea is that each night leading up to the trip you pull one out at random and watch whichever one is written on the slip and it helps build the excitement and brush up on your Disney knowledge at the same time, bonus.

Download Disney Apps

I’ve only downloaded two so far one is my countdown and the other is the official Disneyland Paris App. I do plan to download a few others closer to the time, for example, I’ve bought the photo pass plus so I will be downloading that app soon enough but I did want to mention now because I have become obsessed with the Disneyland Paris app, I check it almost daily. It will tell you park hours, whats closed during your trip, the showtimes, wait times and the map so you can familiarize yourself with parks etc  I think this is so helpful as it’s helping me get an idea of what I want to/ can do in a day and what I can expect to be waiting a longer or shorter time for.


I think that’s everything planning wise that I can tell you about,  I hope it helps or makes sense in some way like I said I haven’t gone on the trip yet so who knows if any of this is actually relevant but I certainly feel more prepared and excited!

I plan to do a lot more posts about Disney over the coming weeks, I’m planning to do one on packing next week and maybe one about my Disneybounds and I’ll definitely be writing my own trip report as well so I hope you liked the post because this is only the beginning.  Please like and subscribe also if you want to see those posts over the next few weeks


Thanks very much for reading!




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