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Planning the Magic: My Budget Friendly Disney-Bounds !

Hello Again!

Another Disney post again and this week I want to talk about 23223306_1691279664240099_19051251_ohow I planned my Disney-bounds and where I bought different bits and pieces.

My first suggestion is to think about which characters you would like to bound as and then shop around/see what sort of items you already have that you can use and see which ones are most realistic. I really wanted to bound as my favourite princess but I couldn’t find anything suitable and didn’t want to just wear any old thing for the sake of it. Also look online there is loads of inspiration but I found it difficult to find ideas for winter bounds. In the end, I decided I wanted to bound just for the three full days that I’m in the parks and settled on Rapunzel, Minnie Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh. This is what I came up with.




Jeans: Pennys- €8

Jumper: Pennys-€5 in the sales

You can’t see it in the photo but I’m also wearing pink runners from Pennys that I already had, I also bought a purple cardigan that I might bring with me just to throw over myself in the evenings, I brought that from Pennys as well for €16. I’ve ordered a sun necklace online off Aliexpress as well for  62 cents but it hasn’t arrived yet. I think I might try to attach a little pascal teddy I have to my jumper also.

My amazing ears are from Custom Handmade Disney Mickey Mouse Inspired Ears

I ordered two sets off of Tracey who is just so lovely to deal with and they came so quickly. I love them! If I’m ever lucky enough to go back to Disneyland again I will 100 percent be ordering from Tracey again, the ears are fantastic quality, reasonably priced and super comfortable to wear. I was stupid enough to snap one side of my Rapunzel ears but luckily they do still sit securely on my head I cannot wait to wear these ears to Disneyland!





I love this outfit!

The jeans are from a place in Cork called Vows which is actually a Wedding Shop but has a warehouse of old stock from the moderne (another Cork shop) so these cost me €10 and are very comfy and soft, The red top and cardigan  are  from Pennys it cost me €3.50 for the top and €16 for the cardigan.

Again you can’t see my shoes but I just bought a pair of red runners from Pennys for €13.

I made my own ears (Badly) and I’d say they cost me just over a fiver to make, no they aren’t amazing but I think they’re cute so I’m going to wear them anyways and hopefully I’ll get better at making them someday.



Minnie Mouse


I didn’t actually buy much for this bound I already owned the top and the cardigan both from Pennys again, I’m planning on using the same shoes as the Winnie-the-Pooh bound. I also had the ears from a trip to the Disney Cafe in London a few years ago.

I bought the skirt of Aliexpress for €8 and then I decided to get it altered, it didn’t really need it but I just wanted it taken in slightly to fit better around my waist so I paid €15 for that, I also bought these chokers from the children’s section of Pennys for  €3.50.


And that’s it, they are my Disney-Bounds for my upcoming trip, I am so excited so this blog will more than likely very Disney orientated over the next month or so but I’m enjoying it and I hope you are too.

Thank you so much for reading!




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