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DisneyLand Paris Trip Review: Day Three!

Hello Again!

Still stuck in bed sick so I had time to write about day three!

If you missed them you can find day one here:

and day two here:

Now on to day three:

Once again we started the day at 6:45, got ready, ate breakfast and I jumped in the queue for the surprise hotel meet and greet, who turned out to be Mickey Mouse!!

I got the best interaction with Mickey, he loved my ears and was admiring my pins, I was showing him which ones had him on them and I pointed to one that was too high on my lanyard for me to see and he started shaking his head and miming a clock because it was actually a pin of Cosworth and he was on the other side.

After this, we headed to the main park just to quickly check who was in the pavilion and it was Aurora who to be honest I wasn’t bothered with so we headed straight to the studios.

Now I didn’t plan the studios as well as I planned the planned the days in the main park so we had some hiccups. We wasted a lot of our time exploring and when we did go to meet characters all the orange pass slots were filled and it was just all a bit of a mess.

We did go see Mickey and the Magician which you have to go see if it’s still in there when you’re visiting it is such a good show. It’s performed in a mixture of French and English but none of the story is lost. It’s a fantastic story of Mickey cleaning a Magicians apartment because if he get’s in done before sunrise the Magician will teach him magic, the show truly is magical, great effects, music and it’s got a great mix of characters as well.

Like I mentioned previously all the orange pass slots for a meet and greets and filled up really quickly and so I decided to queue for some characters while mum went shopping or saw some shows.

I queued for Santa Goofy who was so worth the wait he gave me the biggest cuddle and kept making kissing noises at me and drew a heart on his autograph to me.

As I was queueing for Santa Goofy I saw that Mary Poppins and Bert had come out for a surprise meet and greet, Now by the time I finished the meet and greet with Santa Goofy the queue for Mary and Bert had closed but we had a tip from the castmember that she would be back at one.  So I came back and queued at one, she came out minus Bert but plus two penguins who were so much fun, Mary recognized that I was bounding as Winnie- the- Pooh and complimented my ears, she asked I wanted one of the penguins to sign my autograph book too and told me that one of them could and the other was learning and so we all learned together.  Such a fun meet and greet.

Again while I was in that queue Baloo and Genie came out for a surprise meet and greet but that queue was very unorganized, Even though I was one of the first there, I never got to meet Baloo because everyone kept pushing and shoving in front of me. The cast member did nothing!  She was awful.

I also joined the queue for Minnie as you could only see her in the studios and so thought well this is my only opportunity and mum said she would go see a show. As soon as I joined the queue, Minnie left to go perform in the show mum went to see!!! Not only that but I queued for over an hour Minnie left three times and just as I got to the front of the queue she left again and we were told she wasn’t coming back for an hour! but we had dinner reservations so I  had to leave. I was so upset because I had wasted both mine and mums time and we missed out on doing so many other things. I think there should be a little board at the bottom of the queue with all the times the character would be leaving and then you could judge the queue easier. Then I wouldn’t have been as upset because I would have joined the queue knowing I might not have made it to the front before dinner.

We did do the art of animation class and learned how to draw Mickey Mouse, this is good fun and something different to do while you’re over there, it only takes like ten minutes and you have a chance to win the professionals drawing as well.

In terms of rides in the studios we actually only did the Ratatioulle ride but it was so good, the effects of this ride completely transport you. Definitely worth a go and the queue times were really reasonable as well, we used the orange pass but the queue was only 25 minutes and the single ride was 5!

We ate our dinner that night at Bistrot Chez Remy, the food was beautiful even to me and I am incredibly fussy eater but I ate the mixed leaf salad, The steak with ratatouille (oh and by the way if you order steak you get a cool little marker in it so that the server knows how well it’s cooked and we took ours as a keepsake) and like a chocolate lava cake for dessert it was stunning! The service was really great and the theming of the resturant was amazing!

Then we finished up the night by watching Goofy’s’ Incredible Christmas, this is a new nighttime light show that takes place in the studios at the closing time. The projections for this are incredible not only do the change the Hollywood tower hotel into Santa’s workshop but they wrap around all the surrounding buildings completely encasing you in the magic” One thing I will say though is that you do have to get a good spot early for this as a lot of action by the characters takes place on the stage and we were so far back that we didn’t see any of this so we didn’t get the full experience, nevertheless it was really enjoyable.

We finished off by shopping around the village and heading back to the hotel early.

So that was day three so we still have two more to go, I hope that you’re enjoying these blogs.

Talk Soon,



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