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Disneyland Paris Trip Review: Day Four!

Hello Again!

Over the last few days, I’ve been talking about my Disneyland Paris Trip I took in November with my Mum.

If you’ve missed the previous days and want to catch you can find day one here:

Day two:

and Day three:

Now onto day four!

Once again we were up early for breakfast and straight into the queue for the hotel meet and greet, this morning it was Goofy! Goofy was such a gentleman, he kissed my hand and bowed to me, although he did get a little cross with me when he looked at my lanyard and saw I didn’t have a pin of him, but we made up!

Then we headed straight into the park to the princess pavilion and I saw it was snow white on the board, I wouldn’t be her biggest fan but I decided to meet her anyways and she was lovely, she was asking about my day and what we’d been up to. Also, the photopass photographer who was with her wanted to take loads of photos of us cuddling which was nice.

Then because I was bounding as Minnie I, of course, had to go and see Mickey! I love the photos from this meet and greet. He’s just such a sweetheart!

Next, we went to Main Street, where we met Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge was so cross that I didn’t have a pin of him he walked off!! I did manage to get him to come back and then he gave out that the Marie teddy I had bought was a waste of money!! But as you can see from the picture I soon won him round!

After this Mum realised that she had lost her park ticket! The pouch of her lanyard had split and so it must have fallen out, We went straight to City Hall who told us that she needed to take my ticket and go out of the park to guest relations just by the entrance and they would reprint the ticket, but only she could leave because if we both went and they couldn’t reprint it would mean that only one of us could come back in, at least this way mum could come back in using my ticket.  I didn’t want to venture far into the parks while she was gone so I decided to queue up for Marie!

Honestly, Marie is so entertaining to watch the queue felt like no time at all. At one point Marie got so bored waiting for people to come up she broke a bauble off a garland that was nearby and started dancing pretending it was a bell!

When I did get to meet her she loved my teddy of her and my pin of her that I’d bought too. The Christmas parade had started during my meet and greet and so we had a little dance to the music together.

When Mum came back we decided to explore the other lands in the park, In Frontierland, we saw the frozen sing-a-long, which I actually enjoyed a lot, there’s a lovely atmosphere during the show and cameras put the audience’s faces on a screen on stage so you might get to see yourself too! Of course, snow falls during it as well, Magical. Top Tip: If you have little ones who love frozen and plan to see this show, dress them up as the characters and they might get put in a special VIP area!


On our way to the Princess Lunch, Mum spotted Pluto and so we stopped for a quick hello, he got a bit scared of my Marie teddy so I hid her, but mum managed to sneak a kiss in!

Then we carried on to the princess lunch which I cannot recommend highly enough! Okay, the food wasn’t 100% to my taste but the experience alone makes up for it. We got seated in this little alcove and I thought none of the princesses would even see us but they did come round and you are allowed to wait even if you’ve finished you’re meal until you’ve seen all the princesses at no point are you rushed out.

Rapunzel was the first princess to come round, she stayed chatting for a bit asking us about our holiday and what we’d been up too.

Then Cinderella came over and thanked us for coming to her restaurant.  IMG_2856IMG_2853


And then we met Suzy, Suzy was one of my favourite meets and greets this whole trip! She even came round a second trip and pulled up a chair and sat down with us as she said she was very tired from sewing and cooking all day. She tried to leave at one point but Ariel was on the other side of the Alcove blocking her way, I said that the problem was Ariel was a princess so she had loads of time to stand around all day, unlike Suzy who has to cook and clean. I told her she needed to get herself a prince which she thought was a great idea and asked the man sitting next to us and he said he was married so she tried to pull the ring off his finger!

Ariel also came around she was so cute and bubbly, she asked me if I wanted to do the magic mirror pose which turned out to be a selfie and she also asked my mum but she said she was too tired so they did the power nap pose instead.

IMG_2850We also met Perla who frightened Mum as she was sitting with her back to the characters and didn’t see her coming. Perla really liked us she even wrote big kiss in my autograph book.

And finally, after waiting and waiting and making my mum pretend to go to the bathroom to see if she was still around we did meet Belle. Belle is my favourite princess and I had been keeping an eye on her to make sure that she was coming around and there was a cast member with her who asked if we were waiting to see Belle, which I said yes and so are the couple next to us and she kind of rolled her eyes because Belle had to be somewhere so when she did come around I said “Listen I know your busy so could you just sign this and take a quick photo please” but she was having none of it she was so sweet and said she had all the time in the world which was lovely.


After this, we watched the parade again, I do love that parade, since coming home I’ve been playing the music on youtube non-stop.


We went on some rides, we did it’s a small world and les voyages de Pinocchio.  I was also going to go on Peter pans flight but Mum wouldn’t be able to go on it and the wait time was 70 minutes so I decided not to bother, I’ll do it on the next trip haha.

And then to finish it off we watched Illuminations. I didn’t have as good a view as I had on the first night but it’s still just incredible to witness it’s just so magical.

And that’s it the trip is almost over there’s just tomorrow morning left to tell you about.

As always I hope you’re enjoying these posts and I’ll talk to you soon!

Sam x




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