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S’no(w) day like a Snow Day

Hello Again!

I’ve missed blogging but sadly I always let it fall to the bottom of my to-do list however you may have noticed that Ireland came to a standstill recently during a visit from Storm Emma.  I know a lot of people who complain when things like this happen, myself included sometimes and obviously it can be very disruptive but I kind of love when I’m forced to take a day off and chill out.


Currently, I’m rehearsing for a production of a show I’ve written Tiny Little Love Scenes (details to come) and the snow meant we had to cancel some rehearsals which frustrated me at first but it means I was able to sit down and focus more on editing the script and the more logistical side of planning everything which I know is going to be a huge weight off my mind over the next few weeks.

I also sat down and did loads of planning for the future of my writing and spent so long researching where I go with it. I love fiction writing and I found loads of short story competitions that I can enter which I’m very excited about as that will be a whole new challenge for me. While I love writing I tend to waffle on so trying my hand a short stories- we’ll see how it goes.

I’m making it sound like I spent all my time indoors at my desk but honestly, I was distracted about every ten seconds by the snow and it would have been such a shame not to go out and enjoy it! So despite just getting over the flu myself and mum threw on our scarves and built our snowfriends. As you can see, I decided to go the very traditional route with my snowman but I was actually so proud of myself, I’ve never ever built my own snowman before as usually the snow we get in Ireland isn’t the best for building and I think he turned out great.  What you can’t see (because I can’t add video’s to my post) is me frantically running out trying to reassemble him after he collapsed like an hour later!

My mum (who is much more fun than I am) went adventurous building a slightly drunk snowwoman and the most adorable little snow caterpillar. I wanted to attempt to build an igloo as well after getting inspiration from the internet but never got the chance before the rain came. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Another reason why I love weather events like this is you always hear the nicest stories that just restore your faith in humanity, besides the fools that decided to loot the Lidl (I mean seriously what were they thinking? It’s alright lads there will be bread again) I heard the most amazing stories of guards collecting prescriptions for those who couldn’t make it to pharmacies and escorting snowed in brides to there wedding along with the wonderful neighbours who cleared peoples drives and left packages of bread and milk outside peoples door and let’s not forget the lad who took his 86 year old granny sledging! Look it up it’s the cutest picture! Also huge respect for all the guards/firefighters/healthcare workers/army and anyone else who braved conditions and went to work to help out everyone else, thankfully I didn’t require it and I was safe and warm at home but I’m sure those guys going into work was indispensable help to others.

Hope everyone else had fun in the snow!!

Thanks for reading!



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